Protecting Yourself While Watching Football

Watching live football is full of fun especially when it is your favorite team who is playing. Much more when you hope of one day that your dream will be realized then you saw your favorite football club playing just within a few meters from the pitch. And so yesterday, that dream became a reality as I went on to watch Real Madrid play against the French champions Paris Saint-Germain in a friendly match at the Khalifa International Stadium.

It is at this kind of moment when most people forget to prepare what is a must have when you are going to an open field or a stadium. This is for everyone’s safety and to avoid unnecessary health issues later on especially during winter season. So it is a must that you should wear something that could protect you from the cold weather outside and that it should make you comfortably warm. Then take on with you too something to cover from the rain especially when you are with the kids because that is just exactly what happened to us last night while watching the match. Luckily there were banners on our seats that somehow kept us from soaking wet throughout the entire 90 minutes of football.

Checking the weather forecast is another best thing to do before you even go out of your house. And we also have done that earlier in the afternoon as it became gloomy just before lunch time. It is just so weird to learn when it rained that much as the forecast says zero percent chance of rain. Luckily for me that my wife refused to go with us because our son just recently recovered from his four days fever though he still had cough and runny nose so it is just best for him to fully recover than being exposed to cold weather again. I could not imagine if they were with us and it was raining. For sure we will not be able to completely focus on the game and probably will be watching behind the walkway of the stadium. So for your own health safety, make sure you have something that would safeguard you before going out.

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