Practicing Car Seat Safety

I could still remember and still very fresh in my mind the good idea created by one organization in giving away tens and thousands of car seats at no extra cost so everyone have the chance to have one for safety reason. That move was very commendable and very laudable, in fact, they should be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for such a great act. In this industrialized age world were motorized vehicles are increasing in staggering numbers, and no holding up, it is just wise to put our kids on car seats when we are traveling with them in the car.

And I am a very big advocate of safety first than comfort, so kids below 8 years old must be on car seats all the time when moving unless the child exceeds the height/weight limits set by the manufacturer. At the same time, no child below 13 years old should be sitting in the front seat at all times until they reach the height/weight limits too or when the regular seat belts are fitting properly already on your child.

Those are not my own guidelines but the basics of car seat safety set by safety authorities and regulators. According to experts, generally, kids should be at least 4 feet 9 inches tall and between the ages of 8 and 12 years before they can graduate from booster seats then be allowed to use adult seat belts. And most importantly, no child should ever be sitting free and unharnessed while riding in a car or even sitting on someone’s lap. So if you value the life of your child or if you still want to see them grow older then you should not exchange comfort from safety.

I brought up this topic once again because just a few days ago while driving in the city streets, I saw a child (pictured above) sitting on the lap of her/his mother in the front seat. Probably this child is just a year old or less yet the parents allowed it to be in the front. So it’s a big blow to the noble project of the organization that I mentioned above. They have tried their best to come up with solutions to promote safety by giving away car seats for free and it seems that it is still a long way in solving this increasing problem. And we will continue to see horrific fatalities from car accidents this kind of attitude and if we don’t start practicing car seat safety.

Global Toyota Recall

In the most recent vehicle issues, Toyota recalls about 6.39 million vehicles globally due to several issues that could cause potential safety risk and injury for the driver or passengers. The only good thing is that, there have been no reported crashes and injuries related to the various problems of the recalled vehicles according to the published reports. Although there two fires that are linked to one of the reported problems of the vehicles which is a defective engine starter.

So if you have a Toyota vehicle in the following models, then make sure to contact your dealer and have it check if it is part of the Toyota recall 2014. There are 27 Toyota models that includes Corolla sedan, RAV 4 SUV, Matrix, Yaris subcompact, Highlander and Tacoma that may have defective engine starter, faulty steering column bracket, driver’s seat rail defect, airbags that might no inflate, faulty power window switches and some issues in the windshield wiper motors.

It has been reported that the defective seat rails may cause the seat to slide forward in a crash, the airbag may fail to inflate due to a spiral cable that could be damaged when the steering wheel is turned and the engine starter defect that can keep the motor running that may cause fire.

And here are the figures of the Toyota recall across the world, 1.09 million in Japan, 2.3 million in North America, 810,000 in Europe and 62,000 in China. And the rest of the numbers are scattered among the regions of Africa, South America and the Middle East. So if you have one of the models and are currently in the above mentioned country then most likely the car that you are driving could be included in the recall.

But that’s not all there is, as the said defects were also found in Pontiac Vibe and the Subaru Trezia. The models mentioned are affected as it was produced at Toyota’s US factory which was jointly owned with General Motors and uses common parts of its entire vehicle lineup. So I highly urged you to stop reading now and give your dealer a call.

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Importance of Regular Dental Visits

According to the American Dental Association, people should visit the dentist every six months for cleaning and routine checkup. But unfortunately, many do not even visit the dentist in years and only do so when they have toothaches and or need tooth extractions. This is because a lot have great fear of the dentist. It cannot be stressed enough how essential it is to go to your dentist regularly for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. It is likewise important to maintain good oral hygiene in between those examinations.

While during a tooth cleaning session, the dentist will do a thorough dental examinations and check for tooth decay though this is rather not true to all dentists. Using specialized equipment, all the plaque and tartar are removed. Along with that is the assessment of the gums and sometimes a head and neck examination. They will likewise examine the mouth for any symptoms of oral cancer. They will then give tips and recommendations (again may vary from dentist to dentist) in keeping the teeth healthy which includes following regular dental care routine of thrice daily brushing and flossing.

It is important to regularly visit your dentist as it can lessen the possibility of high risk dental infections. Aside from being painful, the infection from cavities may place a person’s life in danger. Infection can spread to the bloodstream and may cause sepsis. Early diagnosis will save the patient from any discomfort, probable serious health complications brought by oral problems, but on top of that, money. More to it, the build-up of tartar can irritate the tum tissue which may then lead to gum disease and other health complications. There are other forms of dental care as to speak like periodontitis, tooth loss and gingivitis and yet many still don’t know that persistent oral problems can and may lead to a complicated heart related disease and disorders.

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Sustainable Green Materials

If you are looking for synthetic free bedding, eco-friendly bamboo blankets may be just what you are looking for. Bamboo material creates wonderfully soft, quality blankets that work well to keep you warm and cozy without the itchiness of synthetic materials.

With the movement to use more sustainable green materials and become a green friendly world, fibers such as bamboo have become popular clothing and bedding materials. Besides being Earth friendly, they are also softer and more durable than most man made materials.

If you are allergic to synthetic fibers used in most bedding these days, bamboo can be a great alternative to regular blankets. Bamboo is also a breathable material, which means that you won’t sweat when using them. Bamboo blankets are also very good at wicking moisture from the body, which means they stay fresh longer than blankets made of other materials.

Since bamboo is hypoallergenic, they are a perfect solution for those who suffer from allergies. Bamboo material also has anti-bacterial properties than other materials do not offer. Each time you cover up with a soft and cozy bamboo blanket, you will know that you are not only going to sleep comfortably, but it is good for your skin as well.

With all the qualities they offer, bamboo bedding is quickly becoming as popular as cotton and even cashmere. Since bamboo products are so affordable, there really is no reason why everyone shouldn’t cover up with these amazing blankets.

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