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  1. Rocio Samayoa

    Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Rocio Samayoa and I work for AdsLive Media. We are an advertising network dedicated to optimizing the ad spaces from great sites like yours. We focus on the remaining inventory. We take care of that inventory outside the country that currently do not generate revenue and monetize it through our RTB platform. Our eCPM is between $0.20 – $2.00, we have 85% of revenue share, 30 days payments through wire transfers or paypal and quality advertisers in all countries.

    We are experts monetizing remnant. I wish we can talk about the best way to work together. My email is and my skype roxsamayoa

    I await your response


  2. Vida


    This is Vida from I came across your site( today and found it very professional and have high reputation.
    What’s more, we found some partner links on your site.
    We are interested in advertising on your site. Could you please tell us your ad rate? A long-term cooperation will be very much appreciated and if you have any other cooperation ideas, please let me know.Please feel free to contact me at any time. Or you have other site related to fashion or weddings, we could do advertisement too.

    Topwedding is a reputable online B2C shop to all over the world.

    Best Regards,
    Vida From

  3. Rebecca Tran

    Hi Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness,

    I manage business relations at, a native advertising platform. I’ve reviewed and think we can help provide you with a significant new revenue source. Our customizable ads monetize particularly well and integrate seamlessly for a good user experience.

    We are interested in working together on an ad placement that can run under each article or on the right column of your website. I’ve put together a short presentation for you below and look forward to hearing back soon.

    Best Regards,

    Rebecca Tran

  4. Petter


    Advertising Inquiries on your sites

    My name is Petter and I am an Advertising Buyer.

    I am contacting you on behalf of a client I, I’d like to inquire about a possible advertising opportunity on your site, We are promoting our major brand for a few client who offers Education Services.

    Does your site offer advertising options? If so, would you be interested in discussing rates and availability?

    I am looking for “link placement on your exisiting post”, (do-follow link) We usually add a little sentence in the article.

    We used Paypal for Payment.

    If you interest, please let me know to my mail,


    Petter Palander

  5. Philip Arambula


    I was hoping you could help me out and point me in the direction of the person who handles biz dev matters for your company.

    Thanks so much,

    Philip Arambula


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