2010 CPR & ECC Guidelines has been published

It looks like the waiting is finished and the new guidelines has been published just several hours ago. To everyone who’ve been holding their breath, waiting for the new guidelines, here it comes already. As promised that it will be published today 18 October 2010. It seems that there’s not much changes as I previously thought. A quick scan of the publication, the major changes that I found were the following:
  • No more “look, listen and feel”.
  • No more ABC and the sequence now is C-A-B. (Compression, Airway, Breathing)
  • Encourages Hands only CPR for untrained rescuers
  • Increased emphasis on doing compressions CORRECTLY
  • Start COMPRESSION immediately, begin with 30 compressions instead of 2 breaths
  • Use of manual defibrillator for infants
Check out the link below for the publication of theĀ 2010 CPR & ECC Guidelines.
You can also check out theĀ Highlights of the 2010 CPR & ECC Guidelines here.

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