Don’t Let Label Jargons Fool You

I cannot remember anymore when was that time when I read of the surprising secrets about bottled water, but I think that was last year. Anyway, that article is all about what’s really going on behind the fancy names and labels of your favorite brand/s of bottled water. Which I believe up to this time, that some aren’t aware of or don’t have any idea what’s really happening behind the scene or how your favorite bottled water were made.

Many experts believe that bottled water has no straightforward difference than what comes out of the tap. Although that is somewhat debatable in nature and that you should somehow, have to consider your present geographical location. Considering that there are really sources of tap water that doesn’t taste any better, much more its purity.  Anyway going back to it that the article focuses its subject in the US where it is the second most consumed beverage just behind soft drinks. And it is marketed as either mineral or spring water but in reality it turns out that nearly 25% of all bottled water came from the municipal water sources that were simply being covered with exotic names and labels that it came from tropical springs.

And if you can still remember several years back regarding the controversy of some of the largest suppliers of bottled water about the sources of their water and the images they have had on their bottles? So don’t let the label jargons fool you when it comes to the water that you drink without filtering it for it may not be coming from mountain spring waters but could only just a filtered and purified tap water. And don’t easily get mislead by what you can see on product labels for it may only be a processed tap water and not from a natural source.

Image from wikimedia commons.

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