Warning: Chobani Greek Yogurt Recalled

If you happen to be on diet or simply are fond of eating yogurt as part of your daily diet then you must already known it that there was a recent recall of yogurts from a certain company. Reports came out a few days ago that the Greek Yogurt from Chobani has been pulled out from stores due to a mold problem. Officials from the company are telling store owners to pull the products from their shelves because some cups were “swelling and bloating.”

It has also been reported that the U.S. FDA are discussing the issue with the company since the owners of Chobani aren’t issuing a formal recall yet of its Greek yogurt cups. So while this situation hasn’t resolve yet, I think it is just wise to check your cold storage if you happen to have the Chobani Greek yogurt and start throwing it away before any of your family members get sick. On the other hand, there are reported cases that some consumers became ill after eating the yogurt while the company has not revealed how many reports of illnesses that they received.

One good thing though, Chobani owners have said that the problem was caused by a type of mold in their Idaho plant and that the issue has been totally fixed.

Image from nomeatathlete.com

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