Fruit Smoothie: The Healthy Alternative?

The article that I’ve read last month catches my attention and kept me thinking not more of the main content of it but the thought that it possibly be another deception  slogan by the soft drink manufacturers. “By marketing fruit smoothie as the next healthy alternative for soft drinks.”

And if you have not known it yet, the soft drink manufacturers have been buying fruit smoothie companies since the release of the soft drink study that highlights the health risk of consuming sugary soft drinks. We all know that the main reason for the cause of obesity epidemic is the consumption of sugary soft drinks. According to CDC, about half of the US population consumes at least one sugary drink per day on average. But experts believe that the statistics could probably even higher for the low income population and minors.

Many soft drink companies are marketing smoothies and fruit juices as the new healthy alternative to the sugary drinks that you’ve been consuming. But many experts disclaim that concept since those products, on average, contain the same amount of sugar as the regular soda and could simply be as bad to your health as what you can get from soft drinks. And whether you believe the printed labels or not, it is still up to you if you want to consider it as the new healthy beverage because who knows, it may not be as healthy as manufacturers claimed it to be. So it’s still your choice in the end yet the enticing marketing strategy is still very hard to resist.

Image from wikimedia commons.

One thought on “Fruit Smoothie: The Healthy Alternative?

  1. Vivien

    It is better to make your own smoothie than drink those manufactured and pasteurized smoothies, like Naked, Bolthouse, etc. They are more money and less nutritious. Anyhow, about the sugar content, they are right about that, but the thing is sodas contain high fructose corn syrup (an industrial food product and far from a naturally occurring substance) which is really bad for you.


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