A Look at Food That Should Not Occupy Shelf-Space In Your Kitchen

It is not easy to hunt for healthy food items every week especially when you are inundated with loads of work on your schedule; office, social life, family, exercise and workout etc. and the list goes on and on. This is why it is important more than ever to maintain healthy staples in your kitchen or your refrigerator especially if you are trying to avoid fast food or pinching and looking to continue your fitness goals. However, some long life shelf foods such as pasta sauce, bleached white rice, or canned soup can negate your fitness goals that you have been gunning to achieve. On the other hand, choosing high nutrition foods that are power packed with dense vitamins and minerals will not only help you build your muscles but will maintain your endurance for a longer time, when you are training and provide you with much more energy throughout the day.Young Chef

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Make a decision today to swap these unhealthy foods for healthy food options and watch as your fitness goals come to fruition.

  1. Banish breakfast cereals that are ready to eat. Most of us are easily fooled when reading labels on packaged food products, and more so when going through a cereal box. Almost every food manufacturer adds copious amounts of vitamins and minerals to junk cereals and makes them appear as healthy breakfast choices. However, even so-called healthy breakfast cereals are extremely high in sugar and can quickly diminish your fitness goals in an instant. Instead stock on steel cut oats for sustained energy and performance. Soak steel cut oats much in advance, preferably overnight and in the morning blend it with fresh fruit, nuts and almond milk for renewed vitality and nourishment.
  2. Banish pretzels for life. Even if you are offered pretzels that claim to be fat free and made of whole grain, it still lacks necessary fibre, healthy protein and healthy fat. In short, even if you were to consume an entire bag of pretzels at one go you will still feel unsatisfied thus craving for more. Instead, if you are looking for a small snack to keep you full, chomp on pistachios. Pistachios deliver high quality nourishment and keep you feeling full while satisfying your craving for something salty without adding on to unhealthy fat. Experts recommend eating in-shell pistachios, as breaking shells tends to slow down the act of eating and you will realise that you have consumed almost half the quantity than you would have otherwise.
  3. Banish white rice from all kinds of meals. In spite of its harmless and fluffy appearance, white rice is basically nothing but a means to storing additional fat. This is because, white rice is completely stripped of antioxidants, healthful fibre, and important nutrients and basically it does not provide any kind of nourishment to the body other than simple carbohydrates. By consuming white rice, a sudden spike is created in blood sugar and insulin levels leading to storage of fat. Instead, stock up on wild rice, red rice, black rice or brown rice. Although, these uncommon rice variants may be a little high on cost it is still worthwhile to substitute such wholesome coloured rice for white. Whole grain rice is digested and absorbed more slowly into the digestive system as it contains a dense amount of fibre, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. This leads to a very slow rise in blood sugar and insulin levels thus allowing the body to utilise good starch instead of reserving it in fat cells.

Carol is a fitness enthusiast writing on matter dealing with lifestyle, health, weight loss etc. She is associated with HCG Drops Shop, from Nutra Pure HCG.

One thought on “A Look at Food That Should Not Occupy Shelf-Space In Your Kitchen

  1. Lessons Of A Dad

    Great list here and I agree 100%. Here’s another option on the rice, though: substitute it with sweet potato (what we call “kamote” here in the Philippines).

    It has far more nutrients and it’s a complex carb (not a starchy carb like rice). Here’s an awesome bonus: it costs a lot less. Here where I live, rice costs nearly P50 per kilo. Kamote on the the other hand, sells for only P15-20 per kilo. Huge difference.


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