Does Healthy Obesity Really Good?

If you’re trying to think about the title of this post then I don’t blame you if you feel that it is somehow sketchy because for me it seems to be questionable already by itself and or if it does really exist. One question that you might be asking is that, is there any obese individual that is healthy? But whether you believe it or not, it is indeed possible that you may be healthy despite being overweight or obese because some individual can be considered as obese yet they are metabolically healthy. It means that a person has normal metabolic markers, and in layman’s term, they have normal cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar readings despite the excess weight they have had.

However, in the new research published online in the Annals of Internal Medicine, states that being overweight or obese even if you appears to have normal metabolic markers, you still carry a higher risk of cardiovascular problems in the long run. That includes back pain, heart disease stroke and diabetes. And according to the new research findings, an obese person has a higher percentage risk of experiencing signs and symptoms related to cardiovascular problems which may accumulate over time and may lead to premature death.

And to sum it up, if you are obese or has excess body weight even if your metabolic markers are within the healthy range you are still considered having an increased risk of experiencing cardiovascular problems. And in the end, it is still not okay to be overweight or obese because of the numerous health risks that consistently go along with it and that the metabolic markers are not the right measurement for being healthy.

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