Does Artificial Sweetener Safe to Use?

It was last week when I heard on the news yet another controversy that surrounds the beverage industry. Then yesterday I painstakingly read a newspaper article that affected one of the two biggest soda company and I don’t have to mention it since that is very obvious at the same time to avoid issues in my side as well. Anyhow, the article was titled “Fake sweetener is safe, insists (name of the beverage company)” but many experts including a prominent nutritionist cannot agree whether the artificial sweetener is safe for use over the long period.

Aspartame is the chemical, artificial sweetener that is the one on the hot seat this time. And in fairness to the beverage companies, “the safety of aspartame was believe to be supported by more than 200 studies” that was approved in the 80’s by US FDA as a sweetening agent and flavor enhancer in foods in accordance with good manufacturing practice. Yet many still believe that Aspartame may be safe to use in foods but its long term effect in our health is still not known. And one nutritionist emphasize that “those who consumed artificial sweeteners can actually end up craving more calories.”

On the other hand, according to US consumer group that aspartame “should not be in the food supply” as it causes cancer in lab animals. But then we cannot blame the beverage companies from trying to sell their sugary products and that the decision to add them on the table is the consumer’s choice. And ask yourself too whether artificial sweetener is safe to use because I believe that consuming anything with high sugar will cause and lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many health related problems. I wonder if those who work in the beverage companies, including their families are consuming these high sugary products. And if that’s the case then they will be one of the growing statistics of the obesity epidemic.

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18 thoughts on “Does Artificial Sweetener Safe to Use?

  1. lily

    I think artificial sweeteners have zero calories? (I’m not really sure.) But if people would consume too much of products with artificial sweeteners, well, it would definitely be bad for their health.

  2. Reich de Vera

    My nutritionist/dietician recommends stevia. I haven’t tried it though. She says is the safe substitute. But I guess nothing is safer than not having these substitutes at all.

  3. sef tiburcio

    based on what i’ve read on several articles, the aspartame is really harmful to our health. better take it minimally than take it in a huge amount

  4. leira

    according to what i have read Artificial sweeteners have been the subject of intense scrutiny for decades. Critics of artificial sweeteners say that they cause a variety of health problems, including cancer. That’s largely because of studies dating to the 1970s that linked saccharin to bladder cancer in laboratory rats. Because of those studies, saccharin once carried a warning label that it may be hazardous to your health.

  5. Karen

    We cannot avoid consuming artificial sugar or magic sugar or aspartame. The best we can do is to limit consumption of foods or drinks popular in using such kind of sweetener.

  6. jane

    this is a good eye opener to those who knows themselves that they consume such sweeteners in our house we use organic sugar.

  7. papaleng

    They are safe as severals international studies have revealed. Late na nga ang BFAD and DOH sa pag-announce na safe to use ang artificial sweetener.

  8. Roch

    There are several products in the market now with artificial sweeteners. While the public is concerned how these would damage their health, people still go for these drinks and food.

  9. Bobs

    My mom is against using artificial sweeteners. Actually, she’s against all artificial food additives. She would always say, “hindi purket gagamitin ng iba, gagaya na din tayo”. She’s a health conscious type of woman.

  10. Joy Felizardo

    Though many doctors suggest it to their patients suffering with diseases involving increased sugar on the system, they would also disagree on taking them too much. It’s chemically produced and has ingredients which in accumulated amount can ruin some organs. But there are however other sweetener options that are natural and chemical free. You can opt to use stevia, or raw honey.

  11. Genzel

    I’m not really sure if it’s safe or harmful but I believe that almost everything artificial is quite not good or healthy.

  12. Gi Camporazo

    There is an ethics in business that says “Caveat Emptor” – meaning let the buyer beware. I think this is the approach which this certain company is using. As the company discloses the warning that a sweetener is hazardous to one’s health, but if the buyer or the customer insists it is up for him.

  13. Lai

    I have heard a lot about artificial sweetener may cause weight gain as it may stimulate one’s appetite and it adds the risk of cancer. I guess better if wejust dont take too much of products that contain artificial sweeteners

  14. Michael Macalos

    yeah, I think artificial sweeteners have less/zero calories because are compounds that offer the sweetness of sugar without the same calories. They are anywhere from 30 to 8,000 times sweeter than sugar and as a result, they have much fewer calories than foods made with table sugar (sucrose).


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