What You Should Know About Supplements

Are you among those billions in the population who are taking dietary supplements? If so, have you talked to your doctor that you are taking dietary supplements? And if so, does your doctor mentioned to you, at some point, regarding some important issues related to supplement use?

I am asking you these because there significant risks and highly dangerous interactions when you combine dietary supplements with prescription drugs or even the OTC (over the counter) medicines. In fact, there have been several studies already published and U.S. FDA warns about its dangers that in some situation it could lead to a life threatening reaction. So here are some few things that should be in your mind when you take or even just planning of taking dietary supplements and when you talk to your doctor about it.

  • It should be clear to you why you are taking the supplement and to what purpose.
  • You should know how to take the supplement in terms of dosage and or time of the day to take it.
  • You should know about its potential dangers and adverse effects, if there’s any.
  • You should not combine supplements with OTC and prescription medicines unless approved by your doctor.

What is alarming about dietary supplements and other related products out there is that, they are being marketed as natural products. Yet natural doesn’t mean safe because many of the health claims made by manufacturers are based on anecdotal reports or involve only small studies with no extensive clinical trials. There are even thousands of reported cases with serious adverse reactions that are linked to the use of dietary supplements and if you want to be part of the statistics then it is your choice now.

And it is the reason why it is labeled as “No Approved Therapeutic Claims”.

One thing that I learned is that, if you can’t read the ingredients or it is somehow similar to what you can find in the periodic table then you should stay away from it.

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12 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Supplements

  1. Lily

    I don’t take supplements unless otherwise prescribed by my doctor. There are so many supplements coming out in the market these days especially those from Networking Groups. People should really be knowledgeable enough about a certain supplement before taking it to prevent adverse reactions/drug interactions.

  2. papaleng

    Are you also talking about herbal food supplement? If so, kaya pala doctors are not bilib sa mga herbal supplement. not unless they’re the one subscribing their patients.

  3. jane

    me too! i dont take any medicines/supplements unless my doctor prescribed it to me or my family. OTC meds we have are just those vitamins we drink everyday.

  4. Roch

    Good points. Also, because many products are marketed as dietary supplements, it is important to remember that supplements include vitamins and minerals, as well as herbs, botanicals and other substances.

  5. Mommy Pehpot

    I do take food supplements and I can feel the results on my body, but yes we really should be careful when taking one and better to ask your doctor first

  6. Michael Macalos

    woah! I never thought that it can be highly dangerous when you combine dietary supplements with prescription drugs or even otc. We should really know what our doctor’s advice before experimenting/taking up medicines that we are not familiar.

  7. Karen

    When it comes to health, we should be really wise. I do not consume supplements without my doctor’s advice. What is alarming we have too much supplements in the market some are not even approved by FDA.

  8. Airra Pingol

    im honestly scared of taking meds w/o prescription. prevention is still better than cure..

  9. Riza

    There are so many food supplements nowadays that claim they cure all the ailments. So we this one is really helpful to know what supplements really are.

  10. Genzel

    I honestly wanted to take this particular supplement and now I was like awaken for this fact. I think I really have to consult my doctor first. Thanks for posting this!


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