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Importance of Regular Dental Visits

According to the American Dental Association, people should visit the dentist every six months for cleaning and routine checkup. But unfortunately, many do not even visit the dentist in years and only do so when they have toothaches and or need tooth extractions. This is because a lot have great fear of the dentist. It cannot be stressed enough how essential it is to go to your dentist regularly for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. It is likewise important to maintain good oral hygiene in between those examinations.

While during a tooth cleaning session, the dentist will do a thorough dental examinations and check for tooth decay though this is rather not true to all dentists. Using specialized equipment, all the plaque and tartar are removed. Along with that is the assessment of the gums and sometimes a head and neck examination. They will likewise examine the mouth for any symptoms of oral cancer. They will then give tips and recommendations (again may vary from dentist to dentist) in keeping the teeth healthy which includes following regular dental care routine of thrice daily brushing and flossing.

It is important to regularly visit your dentist as it can lessen the possibility of high risk dental infections. Aside from being painful, the infection from cavities may place a person’s life in danger. Infection can spread to the bloodstream and may cause sepsis. Early diagnosis will save the patient from any discomfort, probable serious health complications brought by oral problems, but on top of that, money. More to it, the build-up of tartar can irritate the tum tissue which may then lead to gum disease and other health complications. There are other forms of dental care as to speak like periodontitis, tooth loss and gingivitis and yet many still don’t know that persistent oral problems can and may lead to a complicated heart related disease and disorders.

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Living in the Nursing Home

Taking care of elderly parents and relatives alike is not an easy task at all. It may start off as being manageable but in the long run, it can become really difficult and stressful especially if the caregiver has to take care of their family and have a career as well. Most people have guilt feelings about having to send their parents to a nursing home but this is often the case and perhaps a necessary step in providing better care for their elders. It may not be a popular decision but it is something that will definitely benefit all parties involved. Once the decision is made, look for the best long term facility and take note of the quality of care, their amenities, facilities and staff.

For health and safety concerns, senior citizens who simply are too weak, frequently live in a state that needs professional nursing care. Most elderly people also become depressed since they fell isolated because of physical and mental decline. Nowadays, elderly care facilities take the isolation part more seriously by creating an active environment for elderly residents. Different activities are undertaken such as trips to museum, malls, restaurants, parks, etc. it is essential for elderly residents to active get involved in activities because this certainly makes them happier and more excited.

Placing a loved one in a nursing home will give them 24/7 continuous care in the hands of trained health care professionals who are available to monitor them constantly. And many nursing homes also offer their residents a choice of graduated care units. Usually, there are physical and occupational therapists and psychologist available to give therapies for the patients as needed. But the bottom line is that, when deciding to push through in living in the nursing home is still a big issue when it comes to cultural differences and religious sensitivity.

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Consult With the Real Doctor

It is nice to know when someone explains it to you what’s happening in your body when you are sick. I’m sure many of you can relate to that especially when you are left with so many questions in your mind about your condition. But when someone let you know what’s going on and why it’s taking so long to recover from your illness then you just got this sense of assurance that it’s going to be fine soon. And that is just what I felt after seeing this great and kind ophthalmologist who has educated me why my sore eyes are taking that long to go away.

Yes, I just came from another doctor this morning to have a second opinion and most especially, to have peace of mind. It was the third doctor that I’ve seen in the past fifteen days and that’s how long it has been since I have the pinkeye. Although there are signs of recovery but it is not so significant that it prompted me to want to know what really it is.  And it is indeed so nice when you know exactly your condition but then there’s always that other sad thing side. It is so depressing to know that there’s no medicine available here in this country that we are right now that is strong enough for my fast recovery.

It is the reason why my condition has dragged me in this long agony and suffering but the doctor has assured me that I am gradually regaining my health and the virus is still confined outside the sensitive part of my eyes. So I have been given another set of medicine to alleviate the symptoms and ease up the redness of my eyes which I needed the most. It’s the main reason why there are so many pending tasks on hand. It’s another lesson learned, that I should see and consult with the real doctor the next time around and not just a doctor. I just hope you know what I’m saying.

How to Avoid Spreading Pinkeye

It’s been ten days already and it is so frustrating that you cannot do what you want to do including the things that needs to be done. You want to finish things so you can move on with your daily plans but you cannot go out to accomplish them even if you want to. And these are all because of the pinkeye that I have had for ten days now that has no plans and refused to go away. It is indeed so annoying, not because you cannot do it but because you are restricted due mainly to the medical reason that there’s a high probability of spreading the infection to others.

Aside from that, there’s also the moral side of it that it is not good to simply go out even if you have sore eyes knowing that you are medically infectious. In fact, it is so easy to transfer and spread whatever infections you have in your eyes to others considering that we sometimes unconsciously touch our eyes and its surroundings. Any discharges and fluids in your eyes are considered infectious until you are totally cured. So when you touched your eyes, it can easily be transferred to almost anything that you touch or come in contact with your hands or fingers.

So when you have a sore eyes or pinkeye, it is just appropriate to stay inside the house until it is over and be conscious to regularly wash your hands when you touched your eyes. Dispose immediately the paper towels that you’ve used and avoid using the same paper towel to the other eye. Meaning, you should discard immediately the paper towel or anything that you used in one eye and never use it again to your other eye. And the eye medications that you are using should only be used by one person and that it should not be shared with others. And lastly, follow strictly the right timing and right dosage of your medications for fast recovery and if you don’t want to get blind.

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