Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness is no longer Under Construction

Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness has finished migrating here and already operational. There are still some stuff and features that needs to be added.

Sorry for the inconvenience that it may cause your stay here uncomfortable.

11 thoughts on “Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness is no longer Under Construction

    1. sir rob

      Hi Liz, nice to see you around. Under construction is my way of telling that I still don’t know the way around here in wordpress and I had a hard time getting around and do what I need to do.

  1. EdZee

    Congrats on your moving this blog to self-hosted WordPress platform. I can see that you are doing well in learning WordPress. You have fixed your Categories already. Now, I wonder if your theme allows ‘Tags’. You can find this on the right side of your dashboard when you are in the Post Edit mode. This is where the ‘Labels’ when you are still in Blogger fit.

    You may decide not to allow this comment to be posted if you wish.

    1. sir rob

      Thanks for the help and guidance. Yet it was a painstaking process and a lot of headache as well. LOL But I am moving on to learn one day at a time. I could see the post tags and I still have to add them just like the categories.

  2. azeweht

    Congratulations sir rob, now, you’ve got your own site!!..Blogging gets more exciting and fun with your own domain. Good luck!!! This is really cool!!.. =)

  3. Arnel

    Hi, sir rob… Congrats! I see you have moved your blog to a new domain… Looking forward to the new add ons… God bless! :-)

  4. reese

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    congrats in winning techie she giveaway, nice template…


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